Weekly Devotions
Bible Study
Bible Studies provide an excellent opportunity to spend time in God's Word with fellow believers. At St. Johns, we strive to continue learning about God through His Word.

  • Sunday (Fellowship Hall @ 8:45 am): Announcing Christ To Strangers

  • Wednesday (St. Johns @ 9:00 am): Old Testament Survey - Chronicles
  • Thursday (Coffman Union on U of M Campus @ 7:15 pm): Announcing Christ To Strangers

Helpful Resources
Use these additional resources from other places in our synod to aid in the growth of your faith!
  • September 2017 WELS connection
  • Going on vacation? Make use of the WELS church locator to find a church to attend while you're away!
  • Check out the latest devotions from our synod's website for your daily adventure into God's Word!
  • Our synod website frequently has pastors answer  topical questions relating to our faith in today's world. It's a great resource for those questions you may be asked by those unfamiliar with our beliefs.
  • It's the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Our Synod is providing excellent resources all year long on their website.